Nature's Ultimate cleaners are sourced naturally and made from plant-based ingredients. It cleans with the strength and aroma of orange oil from the peel.

There are NO dyes, NO added fragrances, NO bleaches, NO toxins and NO corrosive materials.

Natural Cleaner


Powerful, natural concentrated cleaner

Nature has provided us one of the most powerful solvents and we’re happy to use it. It’s sourced from orange peels so that delightful orange scent you get from using our products actually comes from oranges!

Orange cleaner is naturally clear, not orange. We’ve seen some other “orange” cleaners in our day which makes you wonder… what else are they adding unnecessarily?

But, but, but… the skull and crossbones?!?!?! crossbones

The label warning is based on risk of aspiration due to vomiting (if ingested and person vomits, it can aspirate into lungs). 

Nature’s Ultimate is Health Canada compliant and does not represent any threat of severe harm to people or environment. We know of other natural cleaners that have not done the level of due diligence we have and contain no warnings so be careful.

Nature packs a mighty punch and this is concentrated natural power!



Nature’s Ultimate Household Products are as good as any traditional cleaners but without the unnecessary chemicals. Hard to believe we know but we’ve been at this for over 10 years and have turned even the harshest skeptics into believers. Not all “green” cleaners are created equal with most sacrificing cleaning power for better perception or profit.