Nature's Ultimate cleaners are sourced naturally and made from plant-based ingredients. It cleans with the strength and aroma of orange oil from the peel.

There are NO dyes, NO added fragrances, NO bleaches, NO toxins and NO corrosive materials.

Natural Cleaner

Breaks corrosion, lubricates parts

NU-Wrench replaces traditional spray lubricants in your home and garage.  A superior multipurpose penetrating lubricant that protects surfaces from corrosion, it effectively penetrates rusted nuts and bolts for easy removal.  NU-Wrench coats and lubricates hinges and sliding surfaces and inhibits moisture for long lasting lubrication.

Provides superior penetration, lubrication and prevents rust.
- Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic
- No Environmentally Hazardous Ingredients
- 100% Readily Bio-Degradable

Nature’s Ultimate Household Products are as good as any traditional cleaners but without the unnecessary chemicals. Hard to believe we know but we’ve been at this for over 10 years and have turned even the harshest skeptics into believers. Not all “green” cleaners are created equal with most sacrificing cleaning power for better perception or profit.