Where can I buy your products?

Nature’s Ultimate Products are not sold in stores and are only available to our members.  Membership is FREE and comes with some mighty perks.  There is no commitment and you’re free to leave at any time without penalty.

If you’re not interested in becoming a member (not sure why… it’s awesome and FREE) we have Dekopons in various parts of Canada that would be happy to hook you up with Nature’s Ultimate products.  Email info@naturesultimate.com and we’ll put you in touch with a local Dekopon.

Key members in the Nature’s Ultimate community are called Dekopons.  By definition, a Dekopon is a unique and rare type of orange and often lauded as the most delicious and sweet orange in all of the world.  We thought it fitting to honour our key people with this title as our Dekopon members embrace and share our mission to remove harsh chemicals from homes and businesses.  We think that’s as sweet as it gets!

Love our products and want to join the team as a Dekopon member?
We still have a few areas left for unique people who want to join the team and help us remove harsh chemicals from homes and businesses.  Let us know where you are and why you’re interested in becoming a Dekopon.
Email us at:  info@naturesultimate.com

Send us a message

Email us at info@naturesultimate.com or use the form below for any inquires, concerns or to place an order. We will respond to your request shortly.





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