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FAQ’s: Products

Can I buy this in retail stores?

There are a few legacy stores that still carry Nature’s Ultimate products although you’ll be hard-pressed to find them.  Like a lot of emerging companies we find the retail model to be unfavorable to manufacturers and have chosen to create a network of like-minded members instead.  We wanted to make it easy for them to use our natural products and earn some extra money at the same time.  That’s waaaay better for everyone than simply picking it up off the shelf.

Are you products really all natural?

Nature’s Ultimate was born out of the idea that all households should have access to natural, environmentally products at affordable prices.  We take great pride in sourcing only natural ingredients and from responsible sources.  If it isn’t good enough for our house we won’t put it in yours. 

How do I know what concentration to mix?

Our concentrate has been found to be very effective for a variety of uses… thanks to all our happy customers who pass along their recommendations!  The Concentration and Use Guide can be found on our website (add link) and new uses are always popping up on Pinterest (add link).   A few uses include:

  • Carpet Cleaning/Stain Removal
  • Clothing Stains
  • Clean and Deodorize Sports Equipment
  • Bathrooms - toilet bowls, counter-tops, shower/tub residue
  • Kitchens - sinks, stoves and counters - cuts grease
  • Windows & Mirrors - removes grime and brings back shine
  • BBQ’s - excellent de-greaser on stainless steel and inside
  • Adhesives, labels - emulsifies glues and tape residues
  • Drains & Grease Traps - use full strength to emulsify grease
  • Pets - removes stains and deodorizes area
  • De-skunking - removes odour completely
  • Painting tools - let brushes and rollers/trays soak overnight
  • Fire & Flood - removes soot, sewer and mold issues
  • Automotive - cleans parts, chrome, interior and removes tar
  • Boats - removes algae, grease and corrosion
  • RV’s - use in septic system after dumping
  • ATV’s & Bikes - removes corrosion, tar and oil/fuel stains

Are your products safe for use around my children/pets?

Yes, our products are safe to use in all areas of your home.  Like all cleaning products, Nature’s Ultimate products should be stored out of reach of children.  Nature's Ultimate cleaner is sourced naturally and made from plant-based ingredients.  It cleans with the strength of orange oil from the peel.  There are NO dyes, NO added fragrances, NO bleaches, NO toxins and NO corrosive materials.  The only thing left behind is a pleasant orange scent!

How can your products be ‘all natural’ when there is a skull and crossbones on your label?

The label warning is based on risk of aspiration due to vomiting (if ingested and person vomits, it can aspirate into lungs).  Nature’s Ultimate is Health Canada compliant and does not represent any threat of severe harm to people or the environment (that’s the legal jumbo they told us to use).


Is there a sign-up fee to become a NU-CONNECT member?

No.  Our program is designed to make it easy and economical to use natural, environmental products and share them with friends, family and business.

What do I get as a NU-CONNECT member?

Below are just a few benefits of being a NU-CONNECT member:

  • Receive our natural, environmentally friendly products at a discounted rate for your own consumption in your home…
  • Connect people to our products by promoting them through your micro-sales unit (You!).  With the reduced rate, you will be given permission and support to sell Nature’s Ultimate products to your friends and family, at local markets or in any way that works for you...
  • You will be able to participate in the NU-Rewards Program and earn points for great offers, discounts and rewards...
  • The NU-Connect Program pays LIFETIME COMMISSION for simply introducing Nature’s Ultimate products to people who use industrial cleaners.  NO SELLING REQUIRED!

Can I sell to retail stores?

You can but you’ll find out the same thing we did.  Retail sales is a very competitive business and there isn’t enough money to go around to make everyone happy.  Our NU-CONNECT approach allows you to sell products directly to friends and family for the same price they would pay in stores but YOU get to keep the profit.  If you want to make LIFETIME COMMISSIONS you simply refer Nature’s Ultimate to a business that would benefit from safe, natural cleaners.

How does the LIFETIME COMMISSION work?

Nature’s Ultimate has an industrial line of products (NU-SOLVENT) that serves a variety of mechanical, retail and industrial businesses.  If you know someone who could use the benefit of safe, natural products at work, simply pass along their contact information to us through the NU-PORT and obtain permission for us to contact them.  We then reach out to them directly and see if there is an opportunity for us to replace some of their harmful chemical cleaners with Nature’s Ultimate products.  If they purchase any products, you receive commission on that order and any other order they place FOR LIFE!  No selling is required by you and you don’t have to ever see or touch the product.  Simply keep your NU-CONNECT membership up to date and we’ll send you your commissions on every order they place FOR LIFE!!! 

Full Chart Snip

Here is a list of potential businesses that can benefit from our natural but powerful products:

  • Mechanics/Garages
  • Fabrication centres
  • Ranches/Farms
  • Dry cleaners/Fabric cleaners/Carpet cleaners
  • Pet stores/Kennels
  • Any business that uses Varsol for cleaning




NU-SOLVENT is our line of industrial strength products.  They are still natural and environmentally friendly like our household products but formulated for the unique needs of our business clients.  They are not available for home purchase by our members.

NU-SOLVENT is every bit as powerful as a lot of the nasty industrial chemicals used by a lot of the people you know at work.  We want to replace those chemicals and keep people safe.

What do the levels mean?

The levels are used to reward NU-CONNECT members who want to earn extra cash by selling Nature’s Ultimate products.  The more these members purchase, the greater the discounts they receive and the more money they make when selling the products.

The levels are also used to calculate commissions for members who use the NU-PORT to refer Nature’s Ultimate to potential business customers.  The commission rate is calculated by what level the NU-CONNECT member is at the end of each period.

For example, if a member was at Mandarin level at the end of a period (they purchased $31 (retail amount) of product), they would receive 3% commission on all orders placed by their referrals in that same period.  If that same member were to be at Navel level at the end of a period (they purchased $151 (retail amount) of product), they would receive 7% commission on all orders placed by their referrals in that same period.

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This LIFETIME COMMISSION continues as long as the NU-CONNECT member maintains a minimum of Mandarin level. 

How do the discounts work? 

The NU-CONNECT discount levels are based on EACH order. 
For example, if you placed an order for $66 (retail) you would have received a discount of 15% off that order.  If you placed an order for $151 (retail) you would have received a 20% discount.

Is the level based on the retail price of the product or discounted price?

The level is based on the retail price.  For instance, in order to reach the Navel level the amount of the order would be $151 retail but with the discount, the member would only pay $120.80.  This is how you can begin to make money selling products to friends and family… or, simply gather your orders together and share the discount!

How do I keep my NU-CONNECT membership in good standing?                 

When we launched Nature’s Ultimate we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our members to enjoy our products and make some money.  Simply maintain a membership level of Mandarin by making a $30 (retail) purchase every sales period (3 months).  That’s only $108 (after discounts) per year to retain your points and keep receiving your LIFETIME COMMISSIONS.  Do the math… that’s less than you would normally spend on cleaning products in a year anyway AND you have the opportunity to make money!!!

What if I forget to place an order in the sales period?

We will send you reminders as the end of the sales period gets closer so hopefully that doesn’t happen but if it does we’ll let you know.  If you miss one sales period (3 months) you will still receive your commissions for that period (at Mandarin level).  If you miss two sales periods (6 months) we will assume you are no longer interested in our products and your membership will be cancelled.  You will not receive commission for that sales period and will forfeit commission on any future orders placed by your referrals. 

What if I want to cancel my NU-CONNECT membership?

We’d hate to see you go but you’re never locked into anything with Nature’s Ultimate.  You’re free to leave at any time, without any notice. 

Note that in order to collect any commissions from NU-PORT referrals you must retain a valid NU-CONNECT membership.

Is this another pyramid scheme?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Our company decided the NU-CONNECT program was the best way to reach as many people as possible to achieve our mission to remove as many harmful chemicals as possible from homes and businesses.  We realize there are a lot of other MLM (multi-level marketing) companies out there that rely on you to constantly sign up new people or buy more product.  Nature’s Ultimate has chosen to simply offer our products outside of the retail environment and to help our members make some money if they want.  You are never locked into anything with Nature’s Ultimate and are free to leave at any time.

How does this business work?  I’ve sold other products through my home business and have been stuck with tons of unsellable items.  What inventory do I have to carry?

You don’t have to carry any inventory.  You are free to purchase as much or as little product as you need.  We have members who purchase only for their own personal consumption, we have members who set up at local markets and we have members who make a lot of money by referring us to all the businesses they know to capitalize on our LIFETIME COMMISSIONS.  You chose how Nature’s Ultimate fits into your life. 


FAQ’s:  Nature’s Ultimate Company Info

Where are you located?

We are located in Calgary, AB.

I am interested in distributing your products.  Who should I talk to?

You can reach us  at 1.866.665.1661 or

Why did you start Nature’s Ultimate?

We wanted everyone to have access to natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products.  With the power of Nature’s Ultimate products there is no need to expose your family to toxic cleaning products and harsh fumes.  We use it in our homes and think you should too.

I found a great use for your product.  Can I send it to you?

Of course!  We are always amazed at the new uses our members come up with and we love sharing it with the rest of our member family.  Email us stories, pictures or anything else at