Become a Member - The NU-Connect Program

Nature’s Ultimate Products are not sold in stores and are only available to our members.  Membership is FREE and comes with some mighty perks.  There is no commitment and you’re free to leave at any time without penalty.

Use it in your home and keep your family and pets away from harmful chemicals
Sell it to family and friends so their homes can be cleaned safely.
Add it to your home business and sell through your existing network.
Receive LIFETIME COMMISSIONS by using our referral portal to help bring natural,
safe, environmentally friendly cleaners to someone’s work or business.

SIGN ME UP! Email us and we’ll send you your own log-in for our NU-Connect portal as well as all the information you need to decide how Nature’s Ultimate fits into your life.

Is this another MLM or pyramid company?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We decided the NU-Connect program was the best way to reach as many people as possible to achieve our mission to remove harmful chemicals from homes and businesses.  We realize there are a lot of MLM (multi-level marketing) companies out there that rely on you to constantly sign up new people or buy more product.  Nature’s Ultimate has chosen to simply offer our products outside of the retail environment and to help our members make some money if they want selling or referring a product they use and love.  You are never locked into anything with Nature’s Ultimate and are free to leave at any time.